About Your Team

Tiffany , Registered Dental Hygienist

Tiffany is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University. She has been practicing for 19 years!

Tiffany was able to embrace the systems and practices, which elevated her skills and talents to be a consistent performer. She has been able to achieve Hygiene Director’s Club every year since affiliating!

When Tiffany is not taking care of patients and her teammates, she is also a mother to two highly active young men and has an amazing supportive husband, Andy, who is her biggest support.

Sophia , Registered Dental Hygienist

Sofia is a graduate of Baylor college and has been practicing for over 20 years. She was born in Russia, as a little girl she found she had a talent for music. She learned how to play the violin and piano.

Her active listening skills and her soft approach are the reasons her patients love her! The education that she provides patients with is utterly amazing to listen to. A caregiver from the heart is what drives her passion. When she is not taking care of her patients and team, she gives more love and support to her three sons and her husband.

She is truly small but mighty!